Thursday, July 1, 2010

Patriotic Piggies!

Cousin Breanne came over today for lunch and gave Lucy a patriotic pedicure!
Lucy always sits in awe of the work being done to her little piglets.
Every once in a while she has to be reminded not to wiggle, but she sits for her colors!

Then Lucy took a stab at it on Breanne's fingers!
She did better than I thought she would of "staying in the lines" of her cousin's nails.

The patriotic piggies:
My mom, Lucy and I...

Notice the scab on Lucy's toe...
She had a little accident poolside because she's a JUMPER!
Crazy little dare devil!
Lucy loves to jump off the side wall of the pool, but she likes to jump on the count of two not three!
Consequently, she skinned her toes on the way in.

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