Monday, July 19, 2010

The Nurturer

My own little nursling likes to pretend she is nursing her own babies.

"Mommy, I'm giving my 'murf his milk." -Lucy


  1. Congrats on bfing for so long! I hung in there til 11 months but I was ready to have my body back and a glass of wine! looks like Lucy will be following in her moms footsteps!

  2. So interesting! I look forward to learning more on this from you :)

  3. adorable. like mother, like daughter!

  4. My stepdaughter had NEVER seen someone breastfeeding until I had Morgan! Now she also pretends to nurse her dolls. It makes me so proud to know that I was the one to introduce her to something so special.

  5. love it!!

    when my son had his first visit with the speech therapist, she gave him a baby doll with a bottle sitting nearby and told him that the baby was hungry. she frowned a bit that he did not want to give the baby the bottle, so i interjected and suggested that she tell him that the baby needed milk. she did so and her face lit up in understanding as my son brought the baby doll to me and positioned it to nurse. <3


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