Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two And a Half

Happy Half Birthday to my sweet Lucy!

30 months old now.

Why must time go by so fast?!
I am not ready for her to grow up quite yet, but I do love every milestone we hit.

She is growing up so fast...

Playing dress up,
Asking to drive my car,
Wearing cotton "big girl" underwear,
Trying so hard to swim on her own,
Training pants and potty accidents,
Reasoning with me when she's in trouble,
Saying "I love you, Mommy" when I tell her I'm mad at her (my heart melts),
Applying my Carmex chap-stick all by herself, and then saying that she's going off to get married,
Helping out in the kitchen to make her own food,
Brushing her teeth on her own when just 6 months ago it was a power struggle,
Knowing what she wants and when she wants it...and being able to tell me,
Being so independent when she plays: reading, singing and imagining all by herself for hours,
Pushing my buttons and testing my patience daily,
Scrubbing between her own toes when she bathes,
Singing The Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" at the top of her lungs in the back seat of the car,
Tantrums and power struggles that last for an hour,
Stubborn, hard-headed, and strong-willed,
Tending to her garden...and wanting to without prompting,
Recognizing where things are in town, like our house, daddy's house or whether we are going out of town for a doctor's appointment or visiting Grandma and Grandpa,
Singing songs to strangers in the supermarket or around the campfire,
Telling me my hair looks nice or how pretty I look,
Attempting to dress herself in the morning,
Reminding ME that she needs to do breathing treatments,
Loving her breathing treatment time because she LOVES to watch movies and Caillou,
Being able to remind me where exactly I misplaced my keys,
Making her own obstacle courses after watching Wipeout with me!

Today is also our 30 month breastfeeding anniversary with no weaning in sight...keeping her happy, well-rounded and healthy!
A very big milestone for both of us today!


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  1. Hi, Kacie!
    I don't think we have ever formally met, though I know we have both been in the same vicinity at Sac's Great Strides events! My name is Amy and I am Taryn's mom (Carin' For Taryn team) and I'm good friends with Stephanie Davis as well (which is how I came across your blog!) ;-) Anyway, Lucy and Taryn are almost the same age exactly- Taryn's birthday is January 25, 2008. (Taryn is a twin, but her sister Teagan doesn't have CF). 3 months ago, we had our new baby girl, Taya, who was recently diagnosed with CF also. So, things are even crazier busy these days... But anyway, my original point in writing all this is to tell you what an awesome job you are doing! It's so nice to put a face to the "Team Lucy" name I have heard so much about the last two years! You are doing amazing things raising awareness and funds for CFF and it's people like you who are going to make CF finally stand for Cure Found ;-) Give that sweet little Lucy a big hug for us and hope to meet you soon!



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