Sunday, May 9, 2010

Action-Packed Weekend: Part 1

My wonderful action-packed Mother's Day weekend began on Friday. Lucy and I woke up, got ready and headed to Sacramento to Dr. Grumpy's office top pick up some name brand digestive enzyme samples of, Zenpep. I have been trying to get Dr. Grumpy's office to fill out paperwork to fax over to the insurance company to tell them that the generic version of Zenpep is NOT working for Lucy! In the beginning of the week, she began to have up to 10 bowel movements a day and even had another rectal prolapse. That makes number six this year in case you weren't counting.

After we got a new stash of the real stuff, we headed over to my dad's house to visit before they left for Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon for vacation. Lucy really loves to hang out with her Grandpa! She always looks forward to my dad handing over all his loose change to add to her piggy bank.

We got home Friday afternoon, and promptly left again to go to the Dixon May Fair, the oldest fair in California. We had so much fun rocking out listening to an adolescent cover band made up of 9 and 12 year old boys. It was so cute to see Lucy "moshing" around to a Black Sabbath cover.

We rode the carousel upon Lucy's request, but the rickety horse she was on needed some oiling. It was very jerky and made her a little uneasy. Here she is before the ride began...

The the request for a pony ride came at dusk. She was so excited the entire time, so excited that I am thinking of getting her some riding lessons. Her face lit up while she was on that pony. Every time that pony made a revolution with Lucy on it's back, Lucy would grin from ear to ear and yell, "I'm riding a ponieee!"

Let's also not forget the powdered sugar, chocolate and whipped cream covered funnel cake that we shared as we were leaving the fair! Oh, yummy... and a great way to end our Friday!

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  1. I'm looking into riding lessons for Seth also, they say it is soothing and theraputic for children with chronic illnesses.


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