Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash Me! Friday: The Fridge Edition

This Flash Me! Friday idea is the brain child of Jen over at The Groettum Family blog. It is a chance to take a peek into how other people live their lives without having to personally ask them, and without having to seem too nosy!

This week, Jen picked the refrigerator!

One way to tell if there is a CFer living in the house...just look in the fridge! Semi-unassuming on the outside with Lucy's alphabet magnets, clinic paperwork, and an I Love Lucy magnet.

Open up the fridge, and it still looks normal, with the door of condiments, Greek yogurt and left overs.

Take a closer look and you will find some items that are not in your average refrigerator...
Magnesium Citrate laxative and Pedialyte
right next to the grapes and chicken broth.

Half & Half is always used in our house with everything! When Lucy drinks whole cow milk...this high calorie stuff is added to it!

And then there is the CF inhaled medication located right next to the left over BBQ pork from last night. Someday, Lucy will have her own CF fridge mini fridge.

What does your fridge look like?


  1. It looks like a CF fridge to me. Luckily Nathan is not currently on any refrigerated meds. The only thing out of stock in my fridge is the Half and Half. Hubby was told to put a splash in each bottle but he was pouring a couple of ounces in (the enzymes were WAY off).

    How is Lucy doing with her "cleanse"?

  2. Haha, that's about the same spot we keep Sax's meds!! We did the 1/2 and 1/2 for a while, but they decided he didn't need it... that may change though!!


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