Monday, May 31, 2010

Clean-Out: Day Two & Three

Well, geez. I didn't even blog about it on time this weekend because it was so uneventful. What I thought was going to be a three day blow-out fest was so nonchalant and nearly poopless compared to what I was expecting.

Day two (Saturday), I gave her the prescribed two ounces of Magnesium Citrate AND her cap full of Miralax that she takes everyday. It got things moving a bit more than the Mag Cit by itself. She had a few loose movements, but nothing too crazy. More like sludge than poop. CLean the intestines right out!

Day three (Sunday), gave her just the Mag Cit without the Miralax, and she had a couple more movements that cleared everything all out. Now, today we are just dealing with the aftermath. A few loose ones to clear it out and then we're back on track.

Tomorrow, I will begin her on the reduced amount of Miralax (a half cap a day in juice) just to keep the rectal prolapse daily maintenance. NO MORE STRAINING TO FOR NUMBER TWO! A very happy mommy and a very happy Lucy bum!

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