Friday, May 14, 2010

Flash Me! Friday: Home Edition

This Flash Me! Friday idea is the brain child of Jen over at The Groettum Family blog. It is a chance to take a peek into how other people live their lives without having to personally ask them, and without having to seem too nosy! This is the first week of Flash Me! Friday, and Jen asked us to take a photo of our home, the hub, where everything happens, and then in the weeks to come, we may delve deeper into more "secret" things like what the bathroom looks like (I may skip that week) or where Lucy eats her high calorie meals. This should get interesting and a little telling of how relaxed and easy-going I am when it comes to tidying up!

Thanks, Jen, for the challenge, and I promise to keep it as honest as possible by never cleaning up before I take the picture. Shouldn't be too hard.

Here is where Lucy and I live with my mom. You would never tell by the tiny, modest exterior, but it is a spacious three bedroom, two bath, two level town house with a garage. Home, sweet home!

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  1. Lovely!!
    Are you a single mom, with the father involved? Skyes dad is not involved, stupid man. He isnt on her birth certificate either. Hes just nothing to her really. But thanks OKAY!


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