Thursday, May 27, 2010


Poop, poop, and more poop.

I got the call yesterday from Lucy's GI doc. The abdominal x-ray she had almost two weeks ago showed that she was constipated and had lots of 'nasty' in her intestines. It needs to be cleaned out so she won't push so hard to get it out...that is what causes all the rectal proplases.

I went and bought a small ten ounce bottle of Magnesium Citrate for her to start taking today. She will be drinking only two ounces a day for three days. It can be frozen in to a slushee, mixed in apple juice, or Lucy can just down it by itself. She is amazing when it comes to taking medicine and ingesting weird flavors. The bottle actually says it is a 'sparkling laxative' that is lemon flavor, so I am guessing it is slightly bubbly.

Magnesium Citrate works in a similar way that her daily Miralax works. It is not a laxative that causes any cramping to get a body to 'go,' but instead, it pulls water from the body through the walls of the intestines making the bowels extremely loose. I will be giving Lucy a lot of Pedialyte, water and salt in the next three days just to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated.

After the three day cleanse, we will be lowering her dose of Miralax everyday and using it as needed. I will be watching very closely, as if I don't already, to see just how much Miralax she will need everyday. I will probably start her off at a half cap and go from there...more or less depending on the consistency.

It's a shame that Lucy is not fully potty trained yet. We're getting there! There are a lot of dirty diapers in my very near three day future. We will be staying home for the most part for the next three days because I don't want to clean up any big messes in public.

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