Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucy's First Pets!

It truly pays to be a Facebook addict! A friend of mine on Facebook posted that she needed to get rid of a 10 gallon fish tank within the hour! I immediately called her, and since I was at work, my mom was able to be home for the delivery.

I picked up Lucy after work, and we raced home to see the new fresh water tank full of ten fish. She was so excited to see the fish and wondered if she could keep them all. With her nose pressed against the tank's glass, this is how it went:

Mommy: What do you think of the new fish? Would you like to keep them in your house?

Lucy: Look at the fish! There's a Nemo and a Dori and a Nemo and a Dori!

Mommy: Would you like to keep them and give them all special names?

Lucy: YES! I can keep them? Can I touch them and hold them?

Mommy: No, honey. They have to stay in the water or they will drown.

Lucy: I can't hold them?

Mommy: Nope. But you can look at them, feed them, and talk to them.

Lucy: Okay!

At 28 months old, my little girl has her very first pet...well, 10 of them to be exact! Tomorrow, we will be cleaning the tank, getting it organized, and finding a permanent place for it in Lucy's bedroom! She really couldn't be happier about it. All night she has been wandering over to the tank just to say "hello" to them, and she has even introduced all of her toys to the new members of the family.

The biggest fish "tank" I have ever owned was a small fish bowl with a dark blue and red Beta that, shortly after I bought him, took a trip down the toilet, and was replaced with a gold fish that I had won throwing ping pong balls at the county fair. This is going to be a fun project and quite an adventure for both of us!

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