Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flash Me! Friday: Bathroom Edition

This Flash Me! Friday idea is the brain child of Jen over at The Groettum Family blog. It is a chance to take a peek into how other people live their lives without having to personally ask them, and without having to seem too nosy!

For this weeks entry, Jen pulled randomly out of a hat, THE BATHROOM! I was horrified and assumed she might just pick something easier for our second week, and less messy like the dining room or computer desk.

Oh, the humanity! We have to photograph our bathrooms?! The only room in the house with toothpaste on the mirror? The room that has a three foot pile of dirty laundry in the corner? The room in our house that has not only hair product on the counter, but actual hair? Well, here it goes...

Mine and Lucy's bathroom. Yes, taken from afar so as not to show all the nasty details!

And Lucy's collection of toothbrushes.

That's all you get on this one. I'm not brave enough to show actual close-ups of the porcelain throne or the minor soap scum build-up in the shower. You can assume that Lucy's bath toys are always put away and the toilet brush is employed often.

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