Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Lucy was sitting in the sunshine of the back door reading a book. I was, of course, on the laptop doing some sort of bloggy facebooky thing. Lucy started talking louder than she usually does when she is merely reading aloud...

"I want to touch the froggy. Can I touch it, mommy? Look, itsa frog. Look at the froggy. Can I go ou'side and hold him?"

And, thinking that my toddler was out of her mind, imagining something that she had read in her book, I said, "What!? There is no frog in the backyard! What are you talking about? Let me see." I set the technology down, and casually got off the couch to see what the heck Lucy was talking about. When I looked, Lucy had her nose pressed against the glass of the sliding door.

She wasn't imagining the creature in the backyard, as I assumed. You know what they say about assuming! It wasn't an amphibian, but a cold-blooded reptile sunning himself on our patio!

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