Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Action-Packed Weekend: Part 2

Saturday was my Mother's Day outing with Lucy and my mom, since I normally have to work on Sunday afternoons and I didn't want to give up my shift. It was a great day. We started out by going to breakfast at Bella Bru in Sacramento. I ate Eggs Benedict in the sunshine on the patio. It was delightful.

Then we headed over to the vintage Tower Theater to watch the documentary, Babies. Oh, what a wonderful movie it is! It was breath taking footage of four different babies from around the globe, filmed from birth to one year. One living in Namibia, one baby in Japan, one baby in Mongolia, and the other in San Francisco. There is no narrative, only occasional speaking by the mothers with no subtitles. It's just a film about the lives and milestones of human babies in their first year of life, and despite the play groups and plastic toys, or the lack of such things, the four babies all thrive and hit milestones at the same time. In fact, I thought the baby girl from Namibia seemed the most content and happy with the world around her. Lucy seemed to like the movie and even commented on the African baby "getting mommy's milk."

Lucy was the only baby at the Babies movie! It was full of couples and mother-daughter duos enjoying their Mother's Day weekend together. The funniest moment that occurred this entire weekend was a brief moment in the theater. It was during a quieter part, a lull in the movie, and Lucy sat up in her chair really straight, and let one rip! This was a loud, stinky CF fart, in public, in closed quarters while it was very quiet! I was in hysterics laughing, and so where the folks seated near by. After Lucy passed the infamous CF fart, she exclaimed, "I FARTED!" It was definitely my own baby showing her true colors during the Babies movie!

Here is Lucy outside of Tower Theater playing by the water fountain...

After the movie was over, we headed to Davis to go to the 41th annual Whole Earth Festival. It is held on the UC Davis campus in the quad. Tons of homemade, earth-friendly crafts, and sustainable, earth-friendly food vendors along with music and activities for children. I had to cut our trip to the festival short because my allergies where raging that day! There was a slight breeze and the pollen count was so high that not even multiple rinses with my Neti pot could help. I just wanted to go home and clean all the pollen off of me.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend. Relaxing, hanging out with my two favorite girls: Lucy and my mom. I had a wonderful Mother's Day and hope that all the other hard-working mothers had a beautiful day as well!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend...I really want to see that movie!

  2. That's AWESOME! Recently my nephew announced (in public) that he "GOT A BOOGER!" and all I could do was laugh. His mom, on the other hand, was horrified. Far too many people take life SO seriously that they're embarrased by situations like this. I think it's tragic, really. Life is FOR laughing!

  3. That movie sounds great.. I have a boy called Kristian who was one yesterday.. it looks like you have nice weather.. I wish it was like that in the UK.


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